A chance to learn

We would like to invite you and your club members to this unique kayaking event, the River’s Source, hosted by Gene17kayaking at the River Dart Country Park.

We’ll have coaching clinics for all white water paddlers, clubs and individuals alike, and we have a fully packed weekend ahead with on the water clinics and presentations off. The clinics range from practical kayaking technique clinics to instruction on how to prepare yourself for harder challenges. These clinics are run by Gene17kayaking’s leading coaches.

Community Action
During the Rivers Source’s early years we hosted a day of community action, primarily this is a river cleanup, lead by key local paddlers, with resources and key information provided by the Environment Agency. The River Clean Up’s have now become so successful, that we are looking to expand across the UK, see River Clean Up for an overview of what’s going on.

A Day for the Youth
In 2014, we wish to have a day for the youth. Many clubs and groups of paddlers nurture and develop young kayakers. The successes of these developments can often mean the kids progression outstrips their coaches abilities or comfort zone. We’d like to offer a day where young aspiring paddlers can get together with the South West’s inspiring paddlers, to learn, discover opportunities and find new paddling friends.

The River’s Source opens Gene17Kayaking’s autumn season and we welcome visitors and weekenders, and we hope to see you then at the River Dart Country Park! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.