Dartmoor Search & Rescue Fundraiser Tee – 2012


Designed by Peter Woods

Every year around the Gene17 Adventure Paddler’s Weekend, Gene17 runs a fund raiser, with the Devon Air Ambulance being the main focus in the past few years. Earlier in 2012, at the then new Rivers Source event, and with the help of designer Peter Wood, we are happy to offer a Dartmoor Search & Rescue Tee 2012 for the Ashburton Team, as a fund raiser. All funds beyond the Tee production will be donated to Dartmoor S&R Team (Ashburton). Gene17 have volunteered to manage and administrate the orders and go to the post office free of charge.

Online ordering is now CLOSED,

Tees will be printed soon and then ready for collection at Gene17 Adventure Paddler’s Weekend or to be posted soon there after.

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