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Event Round Up November 2012

digging out an old mower on the Tavy

On the weekend, 10/11th November down in Devon, we had a great time on the river coaching, listening to the a lecture on the history of Paddling on Dartmoor, plus got stuck in to a River Clean Up or two. The River’s Source, now in it’s second edition, is a gathering, to bring the white water community together for workshops, clinics and some community action. With over 50 paddlers on clinics, some for free, the coaching symposium part of the event was again a success.

Boof clinics on the Upper Dart

World Freestyle Champion James Pringle Bebbington & Katya Kulkova, ran 2 days of playboating clinics attracting the youth from across the south west. With no high value playspot at all water levels, the guys enjoyed the vee hole at Triple 1 in great autumn sunshine. Also for the youth was a slalom workshop run by Russ Smith of Canoe England based on school rapids, a once regularly used slalom racing venue at the River Dart Country Park. Other clinics included Tom Parker‘s Confidence, Simon Westgarth‘s FreeRide Coaching, Chris Eastabrook focusing in on Performance & Nick Horwood on Core SKills for WW, plus a guided descents of the Upper Dart with Andrew Bonney. A great 2 days of coaching clinics by some of the leading lights in the industry and all at discount prices too.

Upper Dart Guiding

During the late afternoon, Palm Team Paddler’s, Simon Westgarth & Chris Eastabrook, ran the much enjoyed Palm Throwbag Olympics. A popular land based event, seen at the Valsesia & Sjoa River Festivals. The course is a series of throwing challenges, to test distance, precision, types of throw and of course accuracy. At times the show looks like a Benny Hill sketch and other times, full of good natured competitive rivalry between friends for the much desired Palm prizes. Always fun to compete and fun to watch. Early evening workshops were hosted by Pyrnaha on outfitting and AS Watersports on fixing boats, these hands on workshops see’s paddlers get expert advise and can then have a go themselves. A river access talk was also popular, the changing situation over the past years, with more paddlers simply paddling more often has opened up kayaking and moved access agreements aside. Recently Canoe England followed Canoe Wales’s stance in acknowledging that voluntary access agreements, a policy for 70+ years has brought no discernible success.

Palm Throwbag Olympics Heat 1 and their off

During the evening lecture, the early history of paddling on Dartmoor was explored, with Pete Thorn’s notes indicating that in the late 70’s paddling on the Upper Dart had become a major expedition event in glassfibre boats, where from Simon Dawson’s notes indicated that the military had trained there in the early 40’s, as part of the Cockleshell Heros raid. Nick McDonald, brought great images from the 1980’s when the many streams and creeks of Dartmoor where being explored, and regaled stories of high jinks and misadventures. Still it was amazing to look back on the short yet eventful history of paddling on Dartmoor.

On Sunday, key local paddler’s Mark Allen & Brian Taylor ran two River Clean Up’s on the Dart & Tavy, respectively. These initiatives started by Mark Allen last year, have become popular, with both local and visiting paddlers joining with the group efforts. Some 80Kg of litter was collected on the the Dart and over 200Kg on the Tavy. The Tavy downstream of Tavistock is reportedly in need of more attention, as the team only got to Double Waters after 5 hours, a third of the intended river section meant to be covered. It was great work by all, so a huge thank you. This initiative it likely to expand for 2013, as more river’s need targeting, and naturally paddling is the best way to access the problem. Updates will be on the River’s Source new feed. Until then check out Mark Allen, on the local TV news, great work and exposure for paddling and the paddling community. See the River’s Source Facebook Page and Kayaking on the River Dart Facebook Group for images

Litter Clean 2012 from mark allen on Vimeo.

Our proposed dates for 2013 are 25/27th October, again at the River Dart Country Park. If you have ann idea of what you’d like to see, or wish to contribute in any manner, please contact us. The River’s Source, is an open source event for the paddling community to shape and grow as it see’s best, so get on board and help us to help you, your friends, your club and other paddlers too.

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