A Request for the History of paddling on Dartmoor

Ledges on the Upper Dart

At this season’s the River’s Source – a white water gathering down at the River Dart Country Park, we’re having all the usual coaching clinics, and river clean up, plus a day for the youth, a hog roast and a band for Saturday night. As part of the Saturday night entertainment, it’s been requested that we make a presentation about the history of paddling on Dartmoor. So there is a lot of information out there that’s for sure, tales of adventures and stories of first descents. So what I would like to do, is rather up as much info as possible, invite some contributors. Our sport has little in the way of recorded history, so perhaps it may be a challenge to find credible stuff, yet we must but try.

Please Contact Us or post on the River’s Source Facebook page, with what you may or may not know. Soon please.

Entry to the Saturday night entertainment will be free, although if you buy this season’s Dartmoor Mountain Rescue Tee, you might help us enjoy the event even more. Full details in early September at the River’s Source.

Thank you in advance


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