Rivers Source 2016 22/23 October 2016 – Opens

As the summer has recently swung around to autumn, Gene17Kayaking’s schedule starts to focus in at the autumn & winter programme. News on our full course dates, can be found in autumn courses.

To start our Devonshire residence we run the Rivers Source gathering, with attractive clinics and weekend courses. Most of Gene17Kayaking’s top team will be in attendance, along with our 2016 Norway Intern Amy Elworthy. See the clinic list below and go to Online Booking to get yourself a place at the Rivers Source.

Saturday Clinics
Simon Westgarth; “MasterClass Upper Dart”. Simon is the Founder of Gene17Kayaking & sharp shooting coaching with a wealth of expertise. On the “MasterClass Upper Dart” clinic, discover and learn the prize spots and moves to really get the most out of England’s finest white water river. Venue Upper Dart
Chris Eastabrook, FUNdamentals of white water. Devonshire home growth paddler come global stormer and qualified teacher brings his insight for paddlers looking to improve. He’ll offer best practise made simple, aimed at near beginners for whitewater, and prefect for aspiring coaches to observe and be challenged. This day clinic will be on the Dart Loop.
Sunday Clinics
Chris Eastabrook, Upper Dart Coaching. Chris’s mildmanner and charm disarms any nervousness whilst allowing paddlers to focus on where to go and how to get there. Chris is a class act.
Simon Westgarth; “MasterClass Dart Loop”. Simon is the Founder of Gene17Kayaking & sharp shooting coaching with a wealth of expertise. On the “MasterClass Dart Loop” clinic, find and discover where the prize spots and learn some of new moves to enjoy one of England’s finest white water rivers more. Venue Dart Loop
Weekend Courses
Andrew Bonney, BCU 4 Star Training Day 2. Andrew is a progressive coach, with developed expertise that is equally inspiring. His 4 Star Training comes with excellent insight, first hand experience and great coaching.

As you can see, we have a lot to offer on our autumn season opening weekend down in Devon. On Saturday evening we’ll provide the entertainment too. Check out our Online Booking for the Rivers Source. Or see below.

See you on the river

Simon Westgarth

Day Clinics


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